A Year In Review

While I was waiting for my infusion yesterday, I watched my #yearinreview. Here are the things it missed: -I started 2016 with less than $27 to my name. Classy. -I was also approximately 3 weeks away from a relationship with a very toxic man. It was one of those relationships that leaves you feeling like … More A Year In Review

November Second

I think that freedom comes the first time you look your Monster in the eye and say “you no longer make the calls. I’m taking that right.” When I was barely eighteen, I met a sweet guy at my friends going away party. He caught me. He made me feel special. He let me pretend I … More November Second

On the Moon and Goldfish and Starting Again

Over the next weeks and months, you may notice my old posts disappearing and becoming “private” visibility, more art projects, less cursing, more consistency, and more happy things and business/casual style. Thank you all for supporting me through my self-harm/recovery journey, thank you for reading my words and praying for me and loving me from … More On the Moon and Goldfish and Starting Again

This is Living

  I woke up at 5:30 this morning, hopped in the shower, and headed to work. I work in presentation at a popular grocery store and today was my last day of this little six-month presentation career. I asked all of my closer work friends if they work on Saturday, so I can give them a … More This is Living

On Rollin’ With It.

Do you ever find yourself in a small, quiet dive-bar with a forty-something-year-old man, learning how to play pool…just like, as though it’s totally normal for an 18-year-old female from a conservative home to be doing this? Yesterday, I did just that. Afterward, Chad and I walked out of this old structure and stood chatting in … More On Rollin’ With It.

On Breathing

When the mundane-ness of your normal work schedule–get up, leave when the minute hand reaches 26, work and try to get that one shy person to talk and that other lady to laugh, drive home the same route as every other day–only today, you get home to an empty house. You draw a bath and … More On Breathing

On Being a Mess

Last Wednesday felt like an “end” to my workweek. As I moseyed around my favorite thrift shop, located only semi-inconveniently on my way home from work, my childhood bestie called me. “Hello” I answered lifeless and grouchy. “Hey,” she said, “it’s Desi. I was calling to see how you’re doing.” “Honestly,” I snapped, “it’s been … More On Being a Mess

8 on Eight

Dear Grace, I can still see you so vividly in my minds eye…sitting on the floor in front of your bed, feeling like a slave to this habit–an unruly master who didn’t care, but for some reason, you still desired. I remember when you were so dreadfully urgent for your fix, you scrambled for a … More 8 on Eight